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Complete Internet Faxing Solutions

Fastmetrics provides reliable Internet faxing solutions that easily integrate to your applications such as Outlook. Our faxing solution is completely compatible with Microsoft fax software, so you'll never have to feed another piece of paper through a fax machine ever again.

As a user of metricFAX, your Internet fax service demands are exceeded. We provide paperless fax solutions which are a single source for all the software you'll need, to make faxing from your desktop fast and easy.

Easily Integrate Internet Faxing with Microsoft

Click on the link highlighted to read how to integrate your Internet service with our Microsoft fax software. Our connector for Microsoft fax allows you to use the popular Microsoft fax console to send and receive faxes from our metricFAX server.

These guys are the stars. Without exception, we rely on Fastmetrics to cover all the broadband, email, web hosting, Internet faxing needs for all of our clients. Tech support, always available. Problems, few if any. A singular business-oriented willingness to just get the job done! Never hesitated to use them for any and all broadband needs. Fastmetrics Customer & Technical Support Reviewed by S.R K - San Francisco on .
5/5 rating

Internet Faxing Tools

Find out about our range of tools to enhance your IP faxing service.

Users of metricFAX can customise Microsoft Office menus, integrate Outlook and other applications. Add a real time fax monitor and fax preview function.

All of these fully customized features can be installed with our Internet faxing software.

Specialized Business Bundles

Fastmetrics specializes in business bundles to the Bay Area business community. Our Internet and phone packages offer fast and reliable business Internet and voice services to compliment your faxing service.

Call us: 1-800-724-7100 to ask how we can exceed your business ISP expectations.